Sr.Software Engineer/Telecom Consultant in Amdocs
My Family originally hails from the Hill state of Uttrakhand, but we are settled in Lucknow for a long time... more>>
Consultant at Capgemini, Capgemini
Sites like , , - For their content Books like The world is flat , Goo... more>>
Technical Lead
Work smartly and always keep your axe sharp. Most of the employers will try to fit you in the available rol... more>>
Manager Technology, Sapient
My wife is a doctor and we were blessed with a baby girl who is now close to an year old.My father is leadi... more>>
Highway design engineer
I belong to Bikaner in Rajasthan. My father is a Retd. Govt. Employee. He was Asst. Engineer in Irrigation ... more>>
DND, NoWhere
I am Saurav Chetry and I belong to Assam. I hold an engineering degree from Pune University. I got campus r... more>>
Junior Software Engineer
My Mom is a teacher. My father is not alive. I have one younger Brother. He is doing MBA in B.School. I hav... more>>
working, Vi2Web Technology
According to me Thread concept is challenging concept even interested. more>>
Software Engineer, Tesco Hsc
I have started my career two and half year ago in corporate world with Tesco Hsc at Bangalore, which has ga... more>>
Senior Software Developer, Aricent
My journey is very adventurous .I have learned from people alot. Now i have two family one my family and... more>>
Technical Lead, Syncada India Pvt Ltd
I work BI technology such as MSBI,Cognos etc for development of Data Warehouse. I am mainly into ETL develo... more>>
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