Senior Software Engineer - java
I am the eldest of 3 brothers, all of whom were brought up in Lesotho (Southern Africa). My parents still t... more>>
mechanical engineer
Father,Mr.R.B.Singh is in business and farming. Mother Mrs.Urmilla Singh a beautiful housewife. My younger ... more>>
IT Software Company
my family comprises of 7 members.I have three sister,a bro, a father and a mother .even though were not tha... more>>
Professional, Grace System Technology Labs (India) Private Limited
Grace System Technology Labs (India) Private Limited more>>
Delivery Manager
My wife is a house maker and I have two lovely kids studying in 2nd and 7th class respectively. more>>
Director, Visual Softsolutions Pvt Ltd.
Marketing: This is about creating awareness amongst the potential customers about the presence of the produ... more>>
Assistant Professor, Synergy Multitec Ltd.
Basically i am coming from middle class family. my family purely depends on agriculture. My dad is a former... more>>
Assistant Manager Planning, Gammon India Ltd.
I am Assistant manager Planning with Gammon India Ltd. and have been working in the fields of civil enginee... more>>
Software Engg., A2Z Group
hii this is shashwat , i am software geek working as a software engineer in A2Z group for last 2 n half yea... more>>
line engineer at timken india
my father was sergeant in airforce.he expired when i was only 2 years old,now in my home only my mother is ... more>>
Manager with DCM Shriram Industries Limited., Reliance
I am a mechanical engineer currently working in safety function.I have been associated with companies like ... more>>
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