Senior Software Engineer, Java Technology
My role is to maintain all implementation of programmable tasks. My role is to manage, design, develop, ma... more>>
Senior Software Engineer, Webcom Information Technology Pvt. Ltd
We are 5 of us.My father is and electrical engineer working for bihar state electricity board.My mother is ... more>>
PrincipalArchitect Java n CLOUD, Power Research and development Corporati
Our family originated from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. Now we are settled in Chennai. I am married to Rathi and ... more>>
SFM, Senior SME, Accenture
My Family Comprise totally 4 Members. My Dad (Siranjivi) is a Real Estate Business Dealer, My Mom (latha) i... more>>
Sr. Software Engineer, L & T Infotech Ltd.,
L&T Infotech Ltd., Working in Banking & Financial domain. Designing the LLD and Developing the Common Utili... more>>
software engineer, IBM
From my 15 years of expereince I have seen that every software comp nay is the same, only people change and... more>>
senior software developer, Mphasis
one is inspring some one to buy your product and second it make it avaialable on their hand. more>>
Co-Founder, ThoughtStreamTech Pvt. Ltd., ThoughtStream Tech Pvt. Ltd
I have been in IT for the last 21 years. Spent close to 11 years in the Silicon Valley working in various t... more>>
Senior Application Engineer, Optimized Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Top most thing i will consider are as below Improve my software proficiency level by attending training pr... more>>
Senior Consultant (Technical)
My family comprises of 9 members.I have two brothers and one sister,a father and a mother, we three guys ju... more>>
Functional Consultant, HCL Technologies Ltd.
Consultant-Utility Business in IT major more>>
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