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Why Mayank Shridhar?

Mayank has around 10 years of experience in Java technologies, specializing in developing high performance applications using Java SE. He has expertise in developing products as well as generic and reusable frameworks by applying standard object-oriented design-patterns in Java, and is proficient in core APIs such networking, I/O, threading and collections. Amongst many frameworks, he has developed a real-time RFID (radio frequency identification) middleware using Java which has been integrated with a plurality of RFID/ wireless-sensor devices as well as a wide range of back-end ERP systems, and also an industry-agnostic framework for business-processing of SMS messages. He was also actively involved in the development of the Infosys ShoppingTrip360 solution.

Amongst web and enterprise technologies, Mayank has experience in Java EE (Servlets, JSPs, EJBs), security protocols such as O-Auth (Open Authentication) and frameworks such as Apache CXF, Hibernate and Signpost. He is also the anchor of the Retail Java Center of Excellence (COE) for Infosys Bangalore which has won the Best COE award under his leadership, and for which he has won the Java COE Star award twice. He is involved in various knowledge-sharing initiatives in Java within Infosys as part of the COE/ forums, and he also provides free online consultation on the world's # 1 technology site, where he is Ranked amongst the Top 5 Java experts globally with a Genius level certification (Profile - He is Sun certified in Java as well as recognized as Master level certified in Java from Brainbench. His academic projects include a mail-server built using Java SE and client (using Java Swing) for a university, as well as a rule-engine developed using graph theory in Java, which is used by a leading global financial institution for workflow in credit-card applications.

Voter Comments

I have seen the way u code buddy! U deserve it! :-)
He is one of the best Java Guru's..
Mayank Shridhar is the best......he deserves this award.
I have known Mayank since our school days. He is an outstanding technical consultant and I am a firm believer that he deserves this award. Best wishes Mayank!!
He is our JAVA man :)
Master in java skills.
All the best Mayank
Most deserving
He is top-of-the-breed technology professional, as observed during my interactions with him for Infosys RFID initiatives & Shopping 360 solution.
He is the best they make
I have known Mayank Shridhar for over 12 years. He is the best Java professional I have ever known of.
He is the best
Seasoned java developer. Perfect fit for a product based company. Would recommend him to tier-1 product companies.
He is the best because he is a GHORAKHALI !!!
One of the best Java professionals in Infosys.
Mayank has good command over the language and he exhibits very good precision to details.
All the Best
Mayank is an excellent professional
He is a true master and java champion.
My Best Wishes to you......Hope you win this award..........
He deserves to be there All the best
Mayank is all time topper of our Computer Engineering batch at SMIT. He is very talented and deserves this award very much.
I know him personally - he is very good at everything he does!
His dedication and passion for work is unmatchable.He is an holistic person,well balanced,has time for everything....takes care of his pet at home,toooooooooooooo.God bless him always.
All the best Mayank. You deserve it.
He is truly a genius
I have worked with Mayank as part of the team for RFID and Shopping Trip 360 solutions at Infosys. He has an expert level skills and knowledge as a Java professional. As one of the chief architects of the RFID middleware product, he demonstrated great thought leadership,JAVA architecture & design skills and knowledge.
Have worked with him in small in-house project. His knowledge of technology and approach for solution of problems is commendable.
Good Luck Mayank.
Heard about his great work on RFID and he surely deserves to be one of the top 10 Java developers of Bangalore.
Mayank is a to Java solution architect for enterprise solutions
I have known Mayank for long years now, I know the passion and knowledge in Java Mayank has and his contribution in resolving some of the tricky issues in/outside his work.
Go get it Mayank !
Mayank is a dedicated professional and his technical prowess is marvelous to say the least. Going through his profile one can see and feel the difference. He is very helpful, down to earth and focused.

He is an accomplished man, the result of passion he puts in every aspect of his life and has tremendous potential to go places.

I vote for him for the award of TOP 10 JAVA PROFESSIONALS IN BANGALORE.

All the Best.

I know Mayank Shridhar personally. He has been looked upon by many of us as role model in academics. His excellence in experts exchange and infosys has always inspired fellow java programmers.
He is simply the best!
Mayank has the capability and the flair to go with it. His technical skills are referred as 'Legendary' among clients and colleagues alike.

He is a respected man among his juniors for his terrific work ethic and celebrated among colleagues for an ever helpful demeanor.

He balances his work and personal life like no other. His ample achievements outside professional domain(Chess player, Rock Evangelist,Prolific Blogger, Movie Critique among several others ) are a testimonial to a well rounded p
mayank is a champ
He is Intelligent,Helpful and gem of a person Personally he has guided me with any queries i have had.
You can always approach him with any problem you have and rest assured you will get the help....
he is the best
For the smartest and most cool Techie I have known over my professional life of 17 years.
Mayank is an all-rounder and an expert in his profession with an unmatched work ethic. I have attended his knowledge sessions where he delivered with the proficiency and ease of the one who truly knows his craft.

Being the Captain of Infosys Chess team, he has represented the Company and won at various Corporate tournaments.
His professional achievements are none too humble with organization's biggest award, 'The Excellence Awards' twice in his kitty.

He would be a great brand ambassador fo
Though I know him for a brief time, I can vouch that he has built a great career, contributing to the java world and indeed worth this acclamation.
Voting for Mayank as he has proven record of being an expert in Java.
His dedication and passion for work is unmatchable.
I know Mayank personally as we have worked together at Infosys. Though we began our careers with the Setlabs teamworking on Microsoft technologies, He kept contributing to the Java community. He is certified Genius on ExpertsExchange for his contribution towards Java. Mayank is a one of a kind techie. His skills in different technologies make him stand out from the rest. He has implemented some of the most successful projects at Infosys in various domains. He is a true genius and is an invaluabl
Mayank is very intelligent, research oriented and very proficient in Java/J2EE.
Great going Dude!
He is really good at what he does. I have known him professionally for quite some time now and frequently use his guidance for problems where I get stuck.
He has a good command over the language.
I know Mayank for more than a decade and his programming skills are unmatched. He eats, drinks, sleeps only thinking abt Java and all programming languages. I wish him all the very best and do get the recognition. Thanks - Indranil
I read the profile of Mayank as well as other nominees. I found his profile very interesting as compared to others. I have known Mayank personally since School days & I have always known him to be quite active in Social sphere and an expert in his profession.
I have seen him awards in chess while representing his company. Also have heard quite a bit about his professional achievements.

He would be a great brand ambassador for Java professionals in Bengaluru.
Deserves to be at the top.
Mayank has been quite logical in his programming concepts right from the days of his engineering education. I am sure he would be having good command over Java with time and experience. I would vote him for this cause as I feel he is worth grabbing this award.
i have worked with him. He is awesome!
I have started my IT career under his guidance and, even after 5yrs, am still influenced by his depth of knowledge over Java.
He is extremely strong in all aspects of Java technology
Mayank is one of the best JAVA professionals I had the pleasure of working with.
He is the most talented and the most hardworking!! :)
Mayank has a very strong technical acumen and is very confident in the areas that he has worked in.
Excellent Java technology Skills... Provides innovative and smart solution in Java. Worked on various java projects and successfully delivered them ontime with extraordinary quality.
he has very good expertise and knowledge in the subject.
I worked with Mayank. He is technically ,detail oriented and dependable person with a strong drive towards success.
Knowing and understanding the Java concepts is a difficult task but can be done by putting a little more effort but applying those concepts in real word application to build the architecture is the main task in which Mayank is perfect and have a strong grip.
Mayank has been a force in Infosys Bangalore architect group. Not only has he been tremendous in his projects, but he also puts a lot of effort in resolving issues/problems of others (raised in technical forums)
He has a strong command over Java.
Mayank is a very well recognized java professional within as well as outside the organization. He is a very active member in many java forums and helping others in answering queries. He has been playing a vital role within the organization for many key initiatives and innovative solutions. He deserves to recognized as one of the 'Top 10 Java Professionals'! All the best.
I worked with him in RFID and pervasive area. he has very solid command in Java.

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