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Family Background
Hi sir i am shereef complteted on MCA,My family background is very poor my father is acricluter and mother s house wife and my brother is hundy cap in 34 old.
Most Important Career Decisions
My life .
Current Job Profile
i have work in one software company but some reson compnay closed,now i search job.
Changes in the industry
java is one of securty its life long is standard.
Current Role
software developer.
Comparison With Other Language
java is pure object programing laguage and web deveping.
Technology Trends
Degrees That Matter
Work Life Balance
i have manage in rel life.
Scope Of Java
java programming is helpful,, besides engineering or not???
Challenges in The Technology
Better programing in compare other in java
Areas for the Future
java script,jsp,servlet,ajax,struct
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