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Managing professional as well as personal life
we should manage balanced. as personal life is spent with our family members friends it should not be related with the professional life. both should be maintained at its own places.
My strongest Skill
since am interested in core field i will apt to electronics side. testing of PCB boards, RF test engineer etc
My important career decision
there is a lot of IT sector growth from past decade. so all are directing towards to software profession. but for me i wanted to do in the relevant field i.e., electronics core side. this strong decision made my career to go into core side.
Goals and Ambitions
R and D is my ultimate goal were i can develop and contribute my skill.
My role model
steve jobs i like his attitude, vision, way his presentation and life style
Current Trends
nanotechnology it will be the future scope
Family Background
my family is of 4 members myself, my father, mother, elder sister. father is a real estate business. mother is home made. sister pursuing m-tech
Company and job profile
hello friends, I am K Sai Kanth Reddy working at Icore which is solar based company. here i want to discuss a problem in our state mostly all companies are facing. power cut, this is the problem faced which should be solved as early as possible. because due to this there a lot of revenue loss and employment abundance. due to the power cut problem all projects are slowed in all core companies. so there must be a power plants established through which we can run companies un interrupted. we should go into deep to eradicate this problem.
Being different
its a challenging field mostly i love this field so i can passionately work in this field
Making job easier
my motivation towards work makes me easy to work
Books recommended
if there are start a career there are several books and internet guidance through which they can able to get lot of knowledge
My advice
first they need to do home work. then later on they should decide what field they are upto then they should stick to that and make a proper decision
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