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Adarsha Krishnan

Adarsha Krishnan

Lab Scientific Products Manager
Kas Medics Limited
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Adarsha Krishnan's Experience
Laboratory And Scientific Products Manager
Kas Medics Limited, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Sales & Service Manager
Polymed (T) limited, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Field Service Engineer
BPL Limited, Chandigarh, INDIA
Adarsha Krishnan's Education
Board of Technical Education
Bihar School Examination Board
Family Background
I am from lower middle class family. My father was Primery School teacher in Government School. My wife was also working with me in Marketing team here in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I have 19 years old son studying in Nairobi doing IB Diploma and have plan to go for Business Studies in University.
Technology Trends
Not as such.
Required Reading
Not having much idea about this.
Comparison With Other Language
No Idea.
Degrees That Matter
Role Model
My Dad - He was a simple man and he has taught me to be honest and simple always. My Wife - she is always standby me and helps me in all the decesion making process, where I face difficulties. She is my inspiration all the times and without her support I will not be a successful person on this earth
Challenges in The Technology
No idea.
Most Important Career Decisions
Not much.
Scope Of Java
No idea.
Plans for the Future
To become MAnaging Director and Chairman of big company or Industry. I have a dream to work for myself and not for others, but waiting for right opportunity tp come or my son to finish his education. After that we both shall be having our own setup.
Areas for the Future
No Idea.
Work Life Balance
In Tanzania life is very simple. Work from 0800 hrs t0 1700 hrs. One hour lunch break. Work half a day on Saturday. No stress, as we have a say - No hurry in Africa. At home also we have fulltime house girl to complete all the jobs. In short having full time for family here.
Changes in the industry
No Idea.
Most Important Lessons
Several. I am working with non-corporate world and there are no freedom of work, always we are fighting for petty issues. No harmony, no team work. But still we do good business at the end of the day. Lesson is to work with Professionals or in Coprporate world to have good carrier.
Current Job Profile
I am product manager for Medical and non Medical Laboratory Equipment. Handling Tenders, preparing Quotation, business stretagy, Market development, installation and training of supplied instruments, service of these equipments, customer relationships. Providing latest technological development.
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