Amit  Katara

Amit Katara

Manager with DCM Shriram Industries Limited.
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Amit Katara's Experience
Reliance, Jamnagar
Amit Katara's Education
D E I Dayalbagh, Agra
kota open
annamalai university
PG Diploma
gujrat tech board
Challenges faced in job
To develop the behavioral changes in a persons working style from safety vision is really a challenge because for this the person has to come out from the comfort zone around himself which he has made around him since long.By way of counseling & trainings these changes are visible & one can feel the fragrance of change in the air around workplace after putting in sincere efforts.
Making job easier
Planning,Involving people,Punctuality & effective communication helps me in making my task easier.
Goals and Ambitions
To get IMS certification for my organization & to win national safety award.
Being different
Engineering knowledge gives me better understanding of process & technical issues. I can visualize the practical problems at workplace & suggest practicable solution for the issue on hand.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
Leading corporates should invest more in R & D activities.
My achievement
Positive feedback of participants after attending my safety training sessions.
My strongest Skill
Training & auditing
My advice
Be passionate about your job & inter react with persons across all levels
My role model
Shri Ratan Tata for tons of qualities but especially respected sir's approach towards CSR-corporate social responsibility.
Books recommended
Read news papers/ news analyse the accidents/incidents reported there & implement learnings to avoid the same at your workplace.
Managing professional as well as personal life
Talk only as much as required by the situation.
Current Trends
Vision of Top Management towards HSE issues.
Company and job profile
I am a mechanical engineer currently working in safety function.I have been associated with companies like Chambal fertilisers,jindal saw,reliance industries & Asian paints in my career & currently working as manager with DCM Shriram industries limited.Our company is the second largest producer of Rayon tyrecord in the world. I am very passionate about my job & loves it.My aim is to make my workplace a safe place & zero incident is always my KRA.To develop a sustainable & responsible safety culture across the organization by involvement & commitment from one & all is my style of safety management.
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