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Amit Kumar Kumar Sahoo

Amit Kumar Kumar Sahoo

line engineer at timken india
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Family Background
my father was sergeant in airforce.he expired when i was only 2 years old,now in my home only my mother is there and a small i am searching for a job in bhubaneswar
Current Job Profile
now in search of job in bhubanswar
Current Role
have to stand on my own and to take care of my mother...
Work Life Balance
i ll work hard to meet the challenges..any stage...any howbut i ll make it better.
Role Model
my cousin sister...she works hard to get his own destination...
Changes in the industry
java industry had beeen has been used many places....
Scope Of Java
i hope so that java would be supportin the whole infrastructure further..
Most Important Lessons
hav to be feels gud wen we gain something..
Comparison With Other Language
because its the easiest programming...
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