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Amit Rajkumar Nipse

Amit Rajkumar Nipse

Product Design Engineer
G M modular pvt ltd
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Amit Rajkumar Nipse's Experience
Product Development Mgr
G M modular pvt ltd, Mumbai, INDIA
Managing professional as well as personal life
Actually not getting too much time for personal life. But me and my family alway do enjoy weekend or holidays. We always sit together for breakfast and tv or movies together.
Challenges faced in job
Always there is new concepts to complete customers requirement or give them more. Me and my company always make impossible to possible. So my mind always think there not any impossible. Always trying to find answers.this will help me in future.
Goals and Ambitions
Increase company repo and mine also.
Making job easier
My family and my director support.
My advice
Be confident . Do not concentrate on salary . Do not change over.
Company and job profile
I just started as design engineer in Electrotherm India ltd .then after 2years I got chance to work in current GM Modular Pvt ltd as Product Design Engineer. And now after 4-5 years I am head of research and development team. My company design,manufacture and marketing of electrical switches ,modular series and home automation with security products in India from last 20 years. Now my job profile is to develope new concepts then make engineering designs and make tooling for it and make electrical/electronics PCB as per requirement and make it production level . This all make my team members and I am guiding them. Also do out sourcing for some components from India or abroad. Have to touch with new systems in all over the world.
Current Trends
All things to be on Internet base controlled.
Books recommended
Not required to read books for career development. Only required your ambition and faith over you.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
Change point to see the political governments. Minimize taxes . Built good infrastructure and transport.
My role model
Me only
My achievement
Faith over me and confidance.
Family Background
Good learnt and supportive.
My strongest Skill
Think always new and different and firstly all refuse it. And make all to accept it.
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