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Anil Singh Ch in BHEL
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Family Background
i have 3 elder brother and 5 elder sister iam last one Ninth member i married have a son 20 month old and my father experied and mother with me.
Work Life Balance
iam working as asst.enginee in BHEL ranipet ( Diploma Entre) in qulaity assurance in my 5 years job experience i balanced challenges in work area (promoted to higer grade)and family(Have Son with sweet family ) and my studies i completed my part time in Electrical and doing my MBA from IGNOU
Scope Of Java
java have good furture
Most Important Career Decisions
i am preparing IES exam to change over my job profile
Current Job Profile
Iam working as Asst.enginner in Quality assurance department in BHEL Ranipet looking after Brought our items electrical in unit quality assurance as well as inspection activites and root cause analysis methode in site action regard quality issues
Current Role
as inspection engineer in quality assurance department ensuring customer qulaity requirments and inspection activites and main Customer focus and coordination with intra as well as internal department and also root cause methodes to improve quality of product
Technology Trends
java techology is growing like anything in all fields as script use in web pages devolopment and support operating systems
Comparison With Other Language
yaa java is very different from all other programming languages because it is user friendly and also source difine and application devolpment languages
Required Reading
no comments
Role Model
My earlier bosses Mr.Gandhi Parimalam and Mr.Venu Gopal who are in field to me bring up to me from as diploma level entre to profisional men in work area and also profisinally in education and also systamatic approch in industrial area and comitment to work for company as well as nation.
Challenges in The Technology
Most Important Lessons
work to comitment and work to displain and work to satification work for life and company nation
Plans for the Future
realy iam seeing me as new anilsingh at entre to company i am not able to answer the my resurme but now iam dealin with Customer and vendors and directors of companies
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