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Anjan Kumar Dutta

Anjan Kumar Dutta

Structural Engineer
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Family Background
My father is a Mechanical Engineer. He has worked for TELCO and got retired from Gardenreach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd as Engineer in Chief. My mother is Housewife. We originated from the root of Hatkhola Dutta Family. My wife gratuated in Linguistic from University of Calcutta.
Most Important Lessons
What I do believe that to become a good professional one must have, 1. Clear understanding of the subject what he is doing. 2. Sincerity and Commitment 3.Courage to accept Professional Challenges 4. Good Contacts 5. Good Behaviour 6. To learn and be the part of continuous process of learning.
Current Job Profile
We are doing consultancy in the name of A K Dutta & Associates an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, our website We are the consultant for Nano Technology Campus of Calcutta University at Salt Lake a 150 Crore project approx.Other clients are Apeejay Surrendra, South E Railway HDA etc
Comparison With Other Language
Java is different from all programming language as The Java Programmes need to be written once and can be run from different platforms. Again security features of Java more safe and secure. Java also offers built in graphic features for more visual approach.
Changes in the industry
Since JDK 1.3 released, Java based Application servers like BEA, IBM WordSphere become popular. J2EE,J2SE, J2ME appear. Then Java support for Web services officially released via Java Web Services developer Pack. Java Enterprise system ensured better integration and system monitoring.
Plans for the Future
I want to see our company A K Dutta & Associates to be one of the leading consultant in our respected field ie in Structural Engineering within couple of Years. Though we are serving for different states of India and abroad including Nigeria, Algeria etc we want to establish our office over there.
Current Role
I do look after the overall activities of our company which includes client interaction to Research and Development. My main aim is to run my company based on a system. I do believe a company can be enriched through its running system only. That's why I termed a system as Goddess Laxmi.
Role Model
My Only role model in the professional field is my Father. He had strong commitment in his own work. He did not indulge corruption and the thing he used to adhere is the system in his work and in his own personal life too.
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