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Arun Kumar Thulasimani

Arun Kumar Thulasimani

Software Engineer - Team Lead
Regalix India (p) Ltd.,
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Family Background
My father is a business man and our family is basically from the background of textile industries. The current generation of my whole family and first circle is in IT. I am married and wife is also a JAVA professional working for KEANE, which is now NTT Data Systems.
Contribution to the field
I am working for Regalix India Pvt Ltd., as a Team Lead. We have a 20 members development team who works on various web technologies across different domains.
Advice for upcoming professionals
Always keep yourself open for Learning new things to improve your skills.
Work life Management
This is always a big question and it can't be managed equally all the time. It depends on the situation. Currently I handle in a way like make myself available to the project any time as we have an option of working form home and set the priorities and expectations based on the work.
Current Role
Though my role says Team Lead, Our's is a small scale company and I will be involved in the project right from requirement gathering up to the release and maintenance.
Changes in professional environment
As I don't have experience in working on a big Corporate environment, I can 't say much on this. But as I have seen in the place where I have worked and working now I can see improvement in the way we plan and execute the projects.
Your role model
I am inspired by my Director of Engineer, Mr. Ravish Kamath. He is very dynamic, thought process and very effective communication and dedicated to work. And more to that is he is a very good team player and never shows his attitude.
The Big Question
Yes, but still lot to improve. I feel so as I have delivered many projects successfully.
Starting Differently Again
I want to be back to our family business (textile).
The Most Important Game
There were situations where other projects are under critical phase and I extended my time to help them to move forward.
Effective decision
I am 2002 passed out and that time the industry was down. So I have chosen to go for textile business. Then in 2004, I was given an option to go for higher studies related or to join as a trainee. I have chosen the second option and did my PG in Correspondence which gained me 3 years of experience
My Road map ahead
I want to become an technical architect and expert in eCommerce domain, and start a company on my own which does IT services on eCommerce.
Areas for the Future
It's eCommerce
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
Just trying to train my friends/colleagues. I believe teaching will also helps to gain your knowledge.
Additional Certifications
Java Sun Certifications. Even if you don't write the exams, if you at least prepare for the exams you will gain maximum knowledge.
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