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Ashish Kumar Jindal

Ashish Kumar Jindal

Gwalior Tank And Vessels
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Ashish Kumar Jindal's Experience
Design Engineer
Gwalior Tank And Vessels, Bhopal, INDIA
Ashish Kumar Jindal's Education
S.G.V. Govt. Polytechnic College Bharatpur
Family Background
I belong to a middle class family. not well educated. my father has a tea stall and my mother was house wife.
Plans for the Future
I feel that i am getting the success which i saw in my dreams.
Role Model
my mother. she always inspired me.
Current Job Profile
Right now i am in TATA PROJECTS LIMITED as a junior surveyor.
Most Important Career Decisions
I left my home for job.
Current Role
To inspect the Job.
Most Important Lessons
If you want to get up to success. then somebody has to get down.
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