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Barun Bhattacharjee

Barun Bhattacharjee

Test Engineer
IBM Global Business Services (P) Ltd.
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Barun Bhattacharjee's Experience
Testing Engnr
IBM Global Business Services (P) Ltd., Bangalore, INDIA
Barun Bhattacharjee's Education
Family Background
I belong from a bengali middle class family. Currently staying in bangalore.
Role Model
One person cannot have a role model. As what I believe has some potential from others. The only thing is that to know yourself. And We should make our dream as our role model. I mean What we are in our dream should be our role model.
Most Important Lessons
First of all Commit what you can do and secondly have a believe in yourself that you can do and third but the most important is that give your try to give your maximum effort to fulfill the commitment. As in professional life once we commit, mean we are fully on that.
Current Job Profile
working as a Test Engineer in Telecom Domain.
Current Role
Working in a team, for a team, by the team and learning the all new stuffs.
Plans for the Future
As a lead in Testing Domain.
Work Life Balance
Well a good planning is utmost required and to follow up that plan is the key to manage the challenge of Work Life Balance
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