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Deepak Singhal

Deepak Singhal

Chief Technology Officer
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Deepak Singhal's Experience
Chief Technology Officer, Bangalore, India
Software Engineer
IBM Global Services India, Bangalore, India
Company & Job Profile
I am Founder and CTO of My job profile includes architecting, designing and implementation of complete portal. I am also responsible for day to day monitoring of our cloud, and resolving all production issues.
Journey so far
In my 13 years of journey in the corporate world, I have worked for companies like IBM and Integral in Bangalore and San Jose. Things have changed a lot in last 13 years. I have already seen two major economical crisis :). I will say at the end of day; its fun and every day is filled with excitement
Challenges in the technology
I find memory management as a biggest challenge in Java. This results in long garbage collections which brings our application to stand still.
Areas for the future
As mobiles are picking up; we can see more than half of the start-ups are in mobile apps domain. These days every website has to have a mobile app too. Hence I feel that Java on mobile will matter most in future.
Intellectual Recommendations is just awesome. You can find answers to all your technical questions there.
Scope of Java
I feel Java has a very wide scope. It is no longer just a web-app programming language. As a matter of fact, for web-programming these days PHP, Ruby are a better alternative than Java. But, for an enterprise level server side programming I find Java as the most suitable language.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
I started working on Android SDK. I also designed complete CraftedKids using Java and related technologies only.
Additional Certifications
No certifications can help you. You have to really dirty your hands and get onto your eclipse that would help you.
My Road map ahead
5 years from now, I see myself as a 38 years old guy working in a start-up trying to build a unique, scalable product using Java.
The Big Question
If we use metrics created by this world which includes hefty bank balance or running a billion dollar company , I am not successful.I define a successful man as a person who earns high respect in community he lives and work because of his nature and skills. With those respects, I feel I am doing ok
Changes in professional environment
Just a lot. During those days, we used to not have lay-offs in India. We never had job insecurity in IT field and neither we could have ever dreamt of such high salaries we are getting these days. So, its a high risk and high gain these days.
Starting Differently Again
Probably I would do my masters first. I would jump into entrepreneurship early because amount of learning being an entrepreneur is tremendous. You become an all rounder; you learn Java, you learn marketing, people management and what not.
Advice for upcoming professionals
Firstly, have fun in life. Only then you can be really productive and smart at work. Keep yourself updated with the upcoming technologies. If you want to remain a technocrat; make sure you keep changing your project after every couple of years.
Family Background
My adorable 4 years old daughter goes to a Montessori school and my wife is NIT Allahabad graduate working for MetricStream, Bangalore. We live in a joint family with my two younger brothers, their families and parents.
Work life Management
Make a rule; 90% of the days you will work 9 am to 6 pm. After that shop is closed.
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