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Gautam Sharma

Gautam Sharma

Software Engineer
Fulcrum Worldwide Software Pvt. Ltd.
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Gautam Sharma's Experience
Software Developer
Fulcrum Worldwide Software Pvt. Ltd., Pune, INDIA
Software Developer
Capgemini, Bangalore, INDIA
Gautam Sharma's Education
Sobhasaria Engg. College
My important career decision
I must say joining Fulcrum and decided to work on Liferay was the most important Decision I made.
My strongest Skill
My Strongest Professional skills are- Liferay,JQuery,Struts,Hibernate
Challenges faced in job
I believe delivering critical requirement in record time using the technology on which you haven't work before.And I am always ready to take such challenges.
My role model
My role model is Girih Kumar who is currently working with Capgemini as a Senior Consultant. I started my career with Capegemini and was directly reporting to Girish and learnt so many things from him like 1.How to overcome from difficulties to organize task in critical time 3.Motivate team member 4.The Vision he has 4.and most importantly he was very focus about what he is doing. I believe he would be role model of everybody who is working with him. I really enjoyed working with him.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
In my perception we are afraid of taking Initiative and somewhat leadership quality is missing.
Managing professional as well as personal life
I manage my professional and personal life by prioritizes things.
Goals and Ambitions
I Would like to create my own framework for Web Applications which will help web application developers community to reduce development time.
My advice
First I would ask him about his interest and aim in life based on that i will suggest him.
Current Trends
I believe portal and new framework which are coming would be game changing in next couple of can't stick to one language like java there so many frameworks are coming in so people should be adaptable to new technologies.
Making job easier
Before starting any task I first try to understand the business aspect of any problem and that makes me to deliver quality product to customer.
Company and job profile
This is Gautam Sharma currently working in Fulcrum WorldWide Pvt Ltd as Software Engineer.I have more than three years of experience in developing web application. I am actively involve in client communication,requirement analysis,development and unit testing.Currently i am working as liferay developer which involves custom Portrlet,Hook and Ext development.
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