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Gautam Singh

Gautam Singh

SME Weblogic Admin
Obopay Mobile Technology
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Contribution to the field
Obopay Mobile Technology. SME Weblogic Admin. Handling J2EE Application Operation for 8 country.
Advice for upcoming professionals
Always update your skill.
Work life Management
Always target to complete before given timeline.
Current Role
Complete Application operation and sustenance support
Changes in professional environment
it has changed as company is syncing.
Your role model
some of the folks whom i worked in USA. due to their technical and interpersonal skills.
The Big Question
Not yet. need to achieve and learn lot more.
Starting Differently Again
I will opt for engineering development. As this is the field where you can apply your innovation.
The Most Important Game
During a major application outage for AT&T Billing application.
Effective decision
change of technology to Weblogic in early professional life after realizing its demand.
My Road map ahead
A Technical Architect who can understand entire system in very short time and can solve more complex issues.
Areas for the Future
Performance Tuning. J2EE Application Support. Java Involvement for mobile applications.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
Reading white papers and technology books.
Additional Certifications
Nothing special.
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