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Jirav Kamalkumar Fadia

Jirav Kamalkumar Fadia

Senior Application Engineer
Optimized Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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Jirav Kamalkumar Fadia's Education
Considering factors
The top most three options, i would prioritize are as below. 1. Your Excellence Field 2. Job Satisfaction level 3. Your Future career growth
Knowledge Extension
Top most thing i will consider are as below Improve my software proficiency level by attending training programs and appeared for certification exams Improve my communication approach to customer Try and learn the basics of other software environment related to my field Try to absorb more professional attitude while dealing with customer representing a company Clear fundamentals related to my field during relatively free period of my job.
Strengths: Plann-ist: Ya I start every work or job assignments with a plan pre-decide for that. Plans can be redesigned if required then after but there must be a clear vision in front of me before executing a project. But still i am not so rigid to that plan, i am more flexible and open to any opportunity or dead stop ahead and can change plan accordingly. Weakness: In any way i does not think so, After all its all about our attitude, that makes our weakness. Be open and have a courage to overcome any challenges.
Influenced factor
Regard to career objectives Managing Director of this company: One man army inspired me a lot to handle various challenges with a wiser decision power My father: Of course, what i am here is from them only. Their endless efforts to execute work assigned, their interest level, their dedication. Its all these, which may not relate to my career field but of course, these are the scales from which i measured myself.
Favorite books/articles
You can win by shiv khera Stay hungry stay foolish - Rashmi bansal Connect the dots - Rashmi bansal The leader who had no title - Robin sharma These are the books the keep me alive in my tough periods of life These are the books that teaches me the lessons of leadership, dedication, efforts, decision power, satisfaction and much more to that.... I love these books to keep me alive in my life.
Dream Job
A Job -- More ever i would like to say not a word job but i will say your favorite activity for time spend. From my perspective, a dream job is like, where you are not bound to any specific activity but open for all your imagination, Team work , Openness, Involvement, Creativity, encouragement etc.. In short, you are much more then suited booted person but more to living life there with a fuller job satisfaction with your creativity.
Career expectations
As i has said earlier, Team lead. I want to execute and run a successful team, who can overcome challenges, professional approach, best problem solving attitude, and best level of efforts and dedication with a higher satisfaction. As I am thinking that my strength (plannist)will help me further to achieve this role and also enhance the same.
Favorite Subject
Electronics - By nature, i like to involve and finding out the working of electronics instruments and gadgets. I followed up that interest and carry that to my engineering degree in electronics and communication Right now what i am working may not be core electronics subject but ya of course i am playing with electronics fundamentals to build automation test system application development.
Memorable Achievements
Runners-up in digital electronics in national level event in college 2nd prize as a team for best application development in NI DAYS-2012
Family Background
Coming from a middle class family living in ahmedabad, gujarat, india Father as a production manager in chemical industry Mother as a house wife and Sister pursuing her masters in commerce with human resource management We all live together and enjoying life fully....
About myself
Hi, I am Jirav Fadia, working in a growing company as a 3 Years experienced application engineer, developing labview software based application development for data acquisition and vision based automation test system for various research institutes as well as industry. I am coming from a middle class family from ahmedabad, gujarat, india with a desire to become a successful team lead for various types of automation projects. I have joined the company from starting of my professional career and running with same till date. I love working with electronics and electrical instruments and so i am doing same here starting from kick start of project to getting customer feedback with satisfaction till end. I may not be vary good at theory but i am good at implementation side with a strict deadline. And so i am strictly following and considering the statement "Love what you do, Do what you love"
Spare time activities
Listening Music, Playing Chess, Carrom Social welfare related activity Spending time with family Hangout with friends
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