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Kalyan Babu Peratla

Software Developer
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Additional Certifications
If you have working knowledge certifications do not matter.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
Worked and spent a lot of time implementing solutions in technologies that I never used before. Linux, python, Shell, Jmeter, cloud Computing, Mongo and others.
Areas for the Future
Spring, Server side Scripting.
My Road map ahead
As a technical architect designing complex solutions or products .
Effective decision
Not successful yet.
The Most Important Game
In my previous project I had to do a lot of research on the technologies we are using and pass on the knowledge quickly to my juniors so that they can do their work without hassles. At the same time complete my assigned work too.
Starting Differently Again
Learn new technologies and frameworks every day which in the past I have not done and so I feel with my experience I lag a bit in terms of technical maturity.
The Big Question
Not yet. Still a long way to go.
Your role model
My role model is my architect. I can get answer to any question. He has 10yrs experience and he has worked on a number of frameworks and he is very adept in all of them. So I really feel I want to be him in few years time.
Changes in professional environment
Not much. I have been working with different set of people on multiple projects and in my organization the architects that I work with are truely brilliant and they have a deep understanding about software design and development. So professionally I did not find much change.
Current Role
Learning and using new technologies. Mentoring juniors. Talking to clients and understand their requirements from design perspective and giving demos on completed features to them on a periodic basis.
Work life Management
I work very hard on weekdays. But on weekends it is only about spending time with family.
Advice for upcoming professionals
Learn a lot of new technologies which will give you edge in your work.
Contribution to the field
Tavant Technologies. Working as a technical lead in Tavant has given me tremendous opportunities in working on number of technologies like Amazon cloud computing, Performance monitoring tools, Testing tools, Scripting, Linux, No Sql databases and many others.
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