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Kanamarlapudi Vss Suchandra

Kanamarlapudi Vss Suchandra

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Kanamarlapudi Vss Suchandra's Education
Hindustan University, Kelambakkam, Tamil Nadu
Most Important Lessons
Since I am Fresher I have basic knowledge in C,C++, Java, Servlets. I have completed my Diploma in Java technologies from NIIT.
Role Model
My inspirer is Thomas Alva Edison because Though he had many failures in inventing the bulb ,finally he succeeded. Here my view is that Though you have failures we should never stop trails.
Plans for the Future
May be a Team leader..
Areas for the Future
Changes in the industry
from 1.4 to 1.7 version differences
Comparison With Other Language
java is always different from other languages because the flexibility, portability make the language to roam in most of the devices.
Degrees That Matter
Diploma in Java Technologies from NIIT
Current Job Profile
fresher 2012 Passout
Required Reading
Core Java an Integrated Approach by R. Nageswara rao
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