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Lalitha Bourishetty

Lalitha Bourishetty

software engineer
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Lalitha Bourishetty's Experience
Software Developer
satyam, Chennai, INDIA
Lalitha Bourishetty's Education
SR Engineering College
Prized Accomplishment(s):
I got POB award in my very first year of professional environment.
Plans For The Future:
As the best lead, who can guide her team in a successful path.
Advice For New Professionals:
Be positive, show enthusiasm in learning new things which enhance workforce capabilities.
Role Model:
My first project Team Lead.
Done Differently:
I may go towards teaching.
Required Reading:
It is a wide area be through at fundamentals, wast amount of data available on net.
Degrees That Matter:
yes, I recommend OCJP
Career Profile:
I need to take up end to end responsibilities starting from design to sign off.
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