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Nanda Nachimuthu

Nanda Nachimuthu

PrincipalArchitect Java n CLOUD
Power Research and development Corporati
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Nanda Nachimuthu's Experience
Head/ VP/ GM-Technology (IT)/ CTO
Power Research and development Corporati, Bangalore, INDIA
Family Background
Our family originated from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. Now we are settled in Chennai. I am married to Rathi and we are enjoying our days with our kids Shravanthi(7yrs) and Shashank(1yr).My Mom is 75yrs old and she is a retired head mistress. My dad is an ex service man and he is not wit us now.
Current Job Profile
Being a Principal Architect in J2EE and Cloud Technologies is always a challenging and needs a sharper attention in all areas.There is a lots of effort needs to be made on client and team handling too.I do enjoy coding and designing frameworks and various cloud contributions.
Degrees That Matter
Basically I am from IIT Karaghpur and I got almost everything from the institution which made my technical journey smoother. Apart from that I have done certifications in Oracle DBA, EAI , PMP and TOGAF. I should say EAI, PMP and TOGAF are really helpful for me to reach my goals.
Changes in the industry
Java is rocking, there is no set backs since I have started from 1997. Right now having an opportunity of millions of jobs in Cloud by 2015, java will be a sure shot winner
Most Important Career Decisions
I planned my career in such away that I wanted to be an Individual Contributor always inspite of doing managerial and architectural activities. I made it for sure that I didnt washed away by the fancy words Program Manager, Solution Architect, etc.
Areas for the Future
Advanced Multi Threading, Collections, Socket Programming, Reliable Messaging.
Challenges in The Technology
Java demands more perseverance and tenacity. You should be a go getter always when it is coming to Java
Work Life Balance
This is truely depends with my wife and kids. With out them I would not be able to spend much time in to technology.
Comparison With Other Language
Java has its own strong basics and language specifications. Also the future set firm for java and the community
Technology Trends
Mobile Computing in Cloud Space.
Role Model
Who ever is effectively utilizing the time and resources are my role models...I have learned various soft skills from most of my managers.Thanks to all of them.
Scope Of Java
I can foresee more collaborations in the mobile and cloud platforms. Future is going to be bright.
Most Important Lessons
Have Sweet tongue and hard skin, be a self motivator, love to share and acquire knowledge, be a team member and always be an Individual Contributor
Required Reading
IBM Developer Works.
Plans for the Future
One area is moving in the career ladder and other one is being a seasoned technocrat. I love to balance both.
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