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Naresh Andanamala

Naresh Andanamala

Senior Consultant (Technical)
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Family Background
My family comprises of 9 members.I have two brothers and one sister,a father and a mother, we three guys just married except my sister. one brother is working as software engineer in one of the bangalore based MNC and younger brother and sister both are Doctors. By God grace we are happy family.
Role Model
From my past experiences I have learnt many things from my collegues all are my roal models.Eg: Vasudha and Guru (2006 - Tech Mahindra), Subbu (2006 - Tech Mahindra), Jayakrishna (2007-2010 Convergys, most liking person due to his behavior, attitude and technical skills), now in Hitachi many people
Scope Of Java
Strong contender in the market
Areas for the Future
No choosing option here, Java is the best and it will continue to be best
Degrees That Matter
NA to me
Current Job Profile
Senior Consultant at Hitachi Consulting Software Services. My job responsibilities includes requirements gathering, analysis, development, mentoring, client demos and if required visiting onsite customers for implementation.
Most Important Lessons
Try to do your job 100% correct and be polite with every one.
Work Life Balance
I am trying to clear on 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM @ Office work and remaining time for my personal life.
Most Important Career Decisions
Would become Architect in specific technology
Technology Trends
NA to me
Current Role
Requirement gathering, analysis, client demos, mentoring, development and learning new skills to complete
Plans for the Future
Want to see me as Chief Technical Officer
Challenges in The Technology
NA to me
Changes in the industry
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