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Nilanchal Behera

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Nilanchal Behera's Education
ICFAI School of Information Technology
Sarsuna College
Family Background
I am belong from middle class status my father was a exservice man in AirIndia and my mother is a house wife i have 3 sibblings my elder brother is a senior software developer in kolkata system and my sister is a housewife.
Role Model
My Father who always say be patient and be cool and never show your anger in front of any body
Most Important Career Decisions
I want to become software developer so that I can open a software company of my own
Comparison With Other Language
multiple Inheritance is not been used in Java where as in other Language we can use it
Areas for the Future
Structs and Hibernate. But every year some new technology are been invented to make java more comfortable and user friendly
Plans for the Future
I want to be the most respectfull person in IT world
Scope Of Java
The scope of java in future will be more better and more comfortable in future
Most Important Lessons
To be good and show agressive when ever it be needed
Current Job Profile
Changes in the industry
As in my Thought Java is a user friendly in nature and it will have more scope for near jeneration
Work Life Balance
comfortable and more compitative
Current Role
nothing but in near future I want to develop my skills
Challenges in The Technology
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