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Nilesh Waghulde

Nilesh Waghulde

Junior Software Developer
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Family Background
We are four members in my family, My father is working at Water Filter plant,Nigdi. My Mother is House wife. My Older brother is Working in Vodafone as a IT executive.
Work Life Balance
By Hard working.
Current Job Profile
I am currently working on BPM domain using Java,Oracle.
Challenges in The Technology
Comparison With Other Language
Java is Object Orient language and platform independent language.
Role Model
Development and creating logic is inspires me.
Required Reading
Generally I use google to learn and finds a things, but for android I always use
Areas for the Future
Collections,Multithreding,Object oriented concepts,Web technlogy using JSP,Servlet ,RMI
Most Important Career Decisions
Chooose adevelopment, because development has growth as well it is an interesting job.
Plans for the Future
I want to open my own firm in next 5-6 year in my city, because there lot of of good engineers. Main reason is they can work from there city, no need to relocate from hometown.
Current Role
Preparing conceptual design of project,Development,Testing,Documentation
Most Important Lessons
Behavior,How to talk with peoples?, Good Attitude.
Degrees That Matter
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