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Nishant Mahendra

Nishant Mahendra

Functional Consultant
HCL Technologies Ltd.
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Nishant Mahendra's Experience
Functional Outside Consultant
HCL Technologies Ltd., Noida, INDIA
Thoughts on Education system of our country
From Theory to Practical shift is required
My role model
No one as such , but quite influenced by two leaders of same time who fought against each other, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler, both seem to have valid reasons for there standings
Influenced by
My mom and God
Ensuring success
Dreaming and Thinking
Couple of years from now
Entrepreneur running a coffee and book house chain
Degree that I recommend
Initiative to develop a country
Demonstrate leadership and think differently, innovate
Important lesson learned
Don't trust any one blindly
Brief description about me
Consultant-Utility Business in IT major
My achievements
Still to come
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Leaders are born, Managers are made
More about myself
Nope, nothing
Important decision
My career aspirations and dreams before money
My strongest skill
Always trying till you achieve what you started
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