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Prasanth Vedantam

Experienced Technology Manager in wireless/networking/Telecom domain
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Challenges in The Technology
Emerging technologies/languages like scala, ruby, python, javascript and c# can be few challenges to Java going forward.
Most Important Career Decisions
Joining Qualcomm was pretty much an important decision in my life. I was aiming to get into the wireless space & technology. Google just started actively venturing into the mobile world with their Android OS launch. I was a part of the core team at QCOM India to kick start activities, ramp up.
Required Reading
There is no one book per se, there is wealth of information available on the net itself which will enable beginners to start of. A consolidated site would be
Plans for the Future
I would see myself in a responsible position in a product development organization that embraces technology a passion to change lives of people. I would see myself driving and delivering products/services/solutions to solve people problems and enhance quality of life.
Role Model
Steve Jobs. He is a leader with passion; precision and the quality of the products he produced really created a “WOW” experience to the end customer.
Work Life Balance
It’s the passion for the work we do is what keeps us going always. The sense of assumed responsibility and to be early in the market is also a driving force. After a day with a sense of accomplishment, it is easy to wholeheartedly spend time with friends/family and relations.
Current Role
Senior Program manager responsible for all Linux Technology deliverables in India to deliver Android SW on QCOM chipsets. I cherished my involvement right from seeding a Linux team and see the sprout now growing up to a leadership team of 250+ engineers. I am delighted to see my journey with Google’s Android OS launch through the latest Jellybean’s plans. I am proud to see the Android releases from cupcake, donut, Éclair, FroYo, Gingerbread, Ice cream sandwich OS’s integrated on to Qualcomm chipsets encompassing 7k/8k targets. I always felt I have had my dutiful & enriching contributions to the top/bottom lines for QCOM.
Degrees That Matter
I haven’t done any such. Just keep programming with passion. Be appraised with what is happening and stay connected with the Java community.
Most Important Lessons
1. Like what you do, otherwise quit. 2. Keep questioning. Look out for the right question. Get answers until there are no more questions left to answer. 3. Assume responsibility and continuously improve
Scope Of Java
Java is a Object oriented
, Interpreted
, Portable
, Simple yet feature-full , Secure and robust, Scalable
, High-performance multi-threaded , Dynamic and distributed. Java is going to stay here for the next 2 decades. It is a technology, which is adopted in billions of devices. It is used to develop software for mobile devices, browser- run applets, games, as well as desktop, enterprise (server-side), and scientific applications.
Technology Trends
Performance and security
Current Job Profile
My responsibilities besides Linux SW delivery also encompass actively driving 3rd party engagements, vendor relationship management, nourishing augmented teams, staffing, technology transition, strategy/planning, building technology competence, managing technology PRD(product requirements)/POR(plan of record)/FRB(feature review board), execution, risk/inventory/HW management, SW quality & delivery, executive status reporting and process improvements.
Changes in the industry
My journey with Java started with the adoption of Java by android. Android is a software stack of operating system, framework and applications. Though it is very much tuned to the mobile world, java is ingrained into it. Every android mobile phone has Java on it. The scale of growth is exponential. There is still so much to see on the smartphone, tablet space with Java as an enabling language.
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