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Puja Kumari

Puja Kumari

Software Engineer
Tata Consultancy Services
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Puja Kumari's Education
College of Engineering and Management
Company & Job Profile
Tata Consultancy Services. Working as Assistant System Engineer for Apple Point of Sales Project
Journey so far
I did my training in TCS Trivandrum in Java/J2EE. I have been part of TCS till now and working on Java based application(Apple POS). It has been a great journey so far. I Have got many appreciations and certificates for my contribution in project.Got OCJP certified too.
Areas for the future
Specialization in J2EE, J2ME.
Additional Certifications
Yes they can go through OCJP and OCWCD related certifications
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
I have continued enhancing my knowledge base by working on Java related project . I prepared for Oracle certified Java SE6 professional certification and completed it. I am planning for the next level by next month
Scope of Java
It has huge scope, android is an example and then cloud computing . Java will keep growing...
Intellectual Recommendations
Books like Head Firts Java, Servlets and JSp. Complete reference java by herbert schieldt etc.
Challenges in the technology
I dnt feel any challenges ... just more and more innovations will come.
Effective decision
Success is not destination, it is a continuous path. Each small decision of my life made me what I am today. The decision to learn and continual learning is the key to success.
My Road map ahead
I see myself at a position from which I would be able to share my learning and knowledge to others on a wide basis.
Changes in professional environment
It has become more and more competetive and demanding with the passing time.
The Big Question
Success is continual learning and so i am successful
Your role model
Kiran bedi is my role model. She is a person who surpassed old beleifs and odds and crated a very good environment. Her commitment , positive attitude and management qualities is admirable.
Advice for upcoming professionals
Keep thinking never stop your thinking. Keep learning and work smart...
Family Background
I come from a small time Jhumri Telaiya in state Jharkhand. My father is a business man and my mother is a house wife. I have one younger brother who is a Mechanical Engineer
Work life Management
With the help of the support of my family and friends I am managing my work and personal life. Time is precious and I give proper timing to both work and personal life. I complete my job during allotted job hours and never mix personal and professional time
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