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Awards > Nominees > Raghavendra Chikkappa
Raghavendra Chikkappa

Raghavendra Chikkappa

Senior Software Engineer
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Family Background
The occupation of my father was training newly recruited police candidates. My mother was house wife. I am having younger brother and sister.
Current Role
I am working as technical lead for java/j2ee application projects. I also involve in providing solutions(Design), building systems and help in assisting the frameworks.
Most Important Lessons
If you need something just ask for it, other person never understand your needs until he knows from you. Hard work is really essential. Remain sincere. Work for excellence.
Areas for the Future
I guess the new frameworks like Springs, Hibernate is going to be there for some more time. Some of the things which we need to care about is concurrency, performance, scalability.
Challenges in The Technology
I believe the challenge would be learning curve with so much technologies in place. The projects which I had come across the main challenge will be to address issues related to concurrency, adjusting to agile process, understanding and implementing the technologies and deliver on time.
Required Reading
I would suggest to read head first series. I mainly use javaworld, javalobby/dzone and informIT. Source forge is a good place since it provides many opensource projects.
Current Job Profile
I am Senior Software Engineer working at Wipro Technologies.
Plans for the Future
I am spending more time on understanding the new technologies, its applications, opensource software's. Right now I am having the opportunity to experiment what I had learnt from my past. I would be interested to move as architect.
Comparison With Other Language
One thing with Java is its easy to learn. So much resources are available so learning shouldn't be a big challenge. I am seeing with the approaches like event driven programming, aspect oriented programming with java.
Role Model
My role model is Rod Johnson and Joshua Bloch. They make the things simple. Mr.Bloch idea of designing good API's.
Work Life Balance
This is one thing which I had not got the control. I know where my mistakes are which spoil my time, but its unavoidable some times. The best idea would be cutdown unnecessary talk with peers, avoid long breaks, don't waste much of the time double checking the work you have done.
Technology Trends
I had stayed back at Spring framework. I believe there are more things comming on like Groovy, Scala etc..
Changes in the industry
Yes with the versions there are many changes. I saw there are lot of new features with java5 and java6. Java6 especially with concurrency API's.
Degrees That Matter
I recommend to prepare for SCJP. This will give proper foundation for anyone who wants to make there career in java domain.
Scope Of Java
Java is going to remain. Now many companies have started to use opensource frameworks. Many of the java projects are in maintenance phase also.
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