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Raghavendra Makaiah

Raghavendra Makaiah

Tech Lead
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Raghavendra Makaiah's Experience
Tech Lead
Mindtree, Bangalore
Raghavendra Makaiah's Education
Contribution to the field
Selection of knowledgeable people through healthy technical discussions. Mentoring the juniors/freshers.
The Journey So Far:
It has been very good, informative and educative. Worked at multiple places with different people, which help me to transform from less-known to well-known.
Growth Strategy:
Learn, Practice, Teach, Experiment.
Professional Strengths:
Analysis, Design, Coding, Debugging, Testing, Mentoring, Talent Hunt, Client interaction.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
To be open for new ideas. Improvement of knowledge base by more learning. To understand people around me.
Other Thoughts:
Fun loving person, who loves with interact with people. Help persons in need.
Family Background
Father was working for Hindustan Machine Tools (HMT), who had minimal education. He is no-more. Mother is a house-wife. Two elder brothers and one younger sister are well settled. I live with my mother, and my family.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Done Differently:
No change is required. All is well so far.
Plans For The Future:
Technical Manager
Advice For New Professionals:
Be open to new ideas. Think differently. Be sportive at all times.
Required Reading:
Java Docs (Oracle site).
Role Model:
Sir M.Vishweshwariah and Dr. Rajkumar. These two gentlemen were very humble, down to earth, who set there life as examples for others to learn.
Working Life Management:
By giving equal importance to both. Time-management.
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