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Raghavendra Prasad

Raghavendra Prasad

Software Engineer
Societe Generale
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Raghavendra Prasad's Experience
Software Engineer
Societe Generale
Advice For New Professionals:
Behave as a matured professional. Be ready to learn from anyone(Either superior or inferior). Be competitive. Keep exploring the skills.
Growth Strategy:
keep on learning the new things from anyone. Improving the technical knowledge. Improving the domain knowledge. Working to get the leadership skills. Taking the responsibility to manage the situations so that i can get managerial skills.
The Journey So Far:
Good Working Environment.I dont see any superior and inferior feelings in the people. Good thing is everyone works as a team and takes the responsibility.Very good opportunities for professional career and personal career as well.
Career Profile:
As a java developer, I am responsible for Requirement analysis. Low level designing. Coding with good quality and bug free coding. Production deliveries. Daily Production Checks. code reviews. Support to the Testing team(if necessary). Scrum master. As a matured developer in the current role, I am handling code reviews. Production deliveries. Production checks. Scrum master. etc
Done Differently:
To be frank,i do not have any regrets in my life. whichever the decision i took and whichever the situation i faced are all in favor of me. so i am fully happy with what i am doing now. I am very clear about my short term goals and long term as well and stepping towards my goals.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Getting the Award among the developers who all are higher experienced than me.
The Decisions That Matter
Choosing the Mathematics group is the first decision taken by me. After my 10+2,i chose Computer Science Engineering branch. Working in an Investment Banking Company and decided to continue working in any banking Companies as i am very satisfied with the banking domain.
Plans For The Future:
As a Team Lead with sufficient Technical knowledge and Function Knowledge as well.
Degrees That Matter:
1 2.Certifications in Java. 3.Certifications in Financial subjects.
Working Life Management:
Whenever i am in my working place i don't bother whats happening beyond my work. Likewise,when i leave the office i forget that i am an employee and spend joyful time with my family.
Contribution to the field
Developed a Non Regression Testing Tool which will do lot of things in automated way and finally gives the result in user friendly and more reliable manner in scalable and reusable way.
Family Background
My father Mr.Raghavaiah, is a Bus conductor and my mother Smt Prameela Devi is a home maker. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters where all are elder than me. Eldest brother is working as a Govt Teacher in my hometown and other brother is working as a Doctor. Both of my sisters are married and settled with their families.
Job Profile:
I am a java developer and my role is , to requirement analysis and low level design. Coding with good quality. Scrum master. Code reviews. Making sure of stable production versions. Production checks.
Required Reading:
I hate to read books i hand but love to browse internet. etc
Changes In The Professional Environment:
The People are enough matured. People are more competitive than earlier. good professional ethics.
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