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Rahul Ashok Phadke

Rahul Ashok Phadke

Java, J2EE Trainer ( Freenacer / Properietor )
TechnoArts, Pune
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Rahul Ashok Phadke's Experience
Sr. Associate, Software
TechnoArts, Pune, Pune, INDIA
Trainer/ Faculty
Wipro Technologies, Pune, INDIA
TechnoArts, Pune, INDIA
Software Developer
Digilogic Systems, Pune, INDIA
Software Developer
E-QL Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Pune, INDIA
Rahul Ashok Phadke's Education
Aptech Computer Education
Growth Strategy:
Keep learning and interacting with people mutual growth and benifit
Career Profile:
Java, J2EE Training and Software development More towards mentoring project team
Working Life Management:
Yoga Simple Lifestyle Giving time to work and family
Degrees That Matter:
Java, J2EE related Certifications
The Journey So Far:
I have worked in various IT companies and have managed my business also. I left my last company ( Synechron ) to start on my own. Having 10 years of experience, now I am working as Freelance Corporate Trainer for Java, J2EE
The Decisions That Matter
1. Switching jobs to excel in technology learning and career growth. 2. Leaving job and starting my own business
Professional Strengths:
Core Java, J2EE, Hibernate, Spring, C, C
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