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Changes in the industry
There is no longer any motivation to work compared to the time when you started out. When you first started, you probably were full of enthusiasm and have complete trust in the ... You are in computer software industry but are not able to understand the new ...
Current Role
Application developer
Technology Trends
Experts point to four trends in the Java PaaS space that enterprises should watch in the ... After all, most of the large tech vendors have already announced their plans. ... and you'll see some of the ones that were announced go into production.
Required Reading
Balagurusamy,w3schools.com ,
Degrees That Matter
Yes,Appin cerfification for java/j2ee
Most Important Lessons
web technologes
Most Important Career Decisions
java developer
Role Model
There are many people who inspire us. As a child, we ... inspires you? my role model is me to me ... How can one have but only one role model?
Plans for the Future
I endeavor to have refined my strategic and client relations skills. ... five years from now when you look back on yourself answering that question you'll probably ... The interviewer is looking to find out a few things with this question
Areas for the Future
java,j2ee,SQL,web tech(xml,html,css,javascript)
Comparison With Other Language
The Oracle implementation are packaged into two different distributions. ... for usage of the Java brand insists that all implementations be "compatible". java is a platform indepentent orirnted.It's once write and RUN any where
Scope Of Java
Challenges in The Technology
I'm looking for a page of Java programming challenges that I can do to slowly build up my skills with Java in preparation for taking my SCJP.
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