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Ram Dutt Shukla

Ram Dutt Shukla

Software Engineer
Maxxton BV
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Ram Dutt Shukla's Experience
Software Developer
Maxxton BV, Pune, INDIA
Wizard Info Solutions Pvt Ltd, Ghaziabad, INDIA
Ram Dutt Shukla's Education
Krishna Enginering College
Family Background
My father is a Junior High School teacher, and mother a housewife. I’m the youngest of their four children
Areas for the Future
Swing, Memory Optimization, web services
Current Role
-Working as a Developer for developing/enhancing GUI using SWINGS and AWT components and implemented the Business Logic using BC4J and JDeveloper. -Overriding java controls to reuse the them throughout the project -Optimizing memory issues for few heavy modules of the product by using Yourkit 9.0
Scope Of Java
after sun is overtaken by oracle java becoming a complete package for development though we can use it with other database as well. So the future of java with oracle seems bright.
Comparison With Other Language
I can list below the points about java : Object-oriented (inheritance, polymorphism) Distributed Interpreted multithreaded Robust Secure Architecture-neutral
Degrees That Matter
Yes, certification does matters for any language. It provides you in heart knowledge of language. for beginners SCJP 1.6 is first milestone that should be achieved.
Current Job Profile
Working as a Developer for developing/enhancing GUI using SWINGS and AWT components, used java XML and servlets to generate feeds. written web services to fetch the data.
Most Important Career Decisions
After completing MCA I have chosen to complete DAC before getting involved in the job.
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