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Sachin Kumar

Sachin Kumar

Program Analyst
Mindtree ltd, Banglore
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Contribution to the field
Currently i am working in Mindtree ltd since one year, as a Program Analyst.
Advice for upcoming professionals
For becoming professional , make your network grow. learn/improve your communication skill. Knowledge sharing is best thing to learn new things easy and quick way. And always try to choose right over convenient.Be open to learn new things.
Work life Management
I don't have any strict routine or discipline. My life is simple with little complication. I have friends . Always surround yourself with friends with whom you can discuss anything anytime. Than your life will be easy.
Current Role
In my current role , i am working as a developer for some enhancements and bug fixing in one of the critical project in my organisation.
Changes in professional environment
The one thing i noticed is that technology change very need to be flexible enough for any technology came in your way as everybody has become more aggressive and competitive in this industry. People has become sensitive about the social environment around them.
Your role model
My dad is a role model for me. he has come from very poor family.The struggle he has faced and his kind nature has made me become a good person,in technical and behavior. His dedication and quality in work he do has made me a good professional.He is very motivated,optimism,hard worker and awesome.
The Big Question
No , i am not successful.Not in any context, be it technical, economical, social,spiritual.
Starting Differently Again
This time i will approach to every opportunity i will face. Will focus on career in positive way ,and will remain open and flexible to any changes and problem. i will everything in disciplined manner
The Most Important Game
Till now , not any :(
Effective decision
I choose as my career and joined the software industry.
My Road map ahead
I see myself as a happy project manager and a so called successful economically person.
Areas for the Future
Specialization in UI from Java , and development in it in efficient way will take you very high.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
I have done self learning,Attended many session and seminar . Shared my knowledge among my peers and junior.
Additional Certifications
Dont have much idea about this
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