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Sandeep Verma

Sandeep Verma

Programmer Analyst
Mindtree Ltd
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Family Background
I belong to middle class family. My father is self made man 881984 I follow my father. 'Do your work by your self, And help share what you faced in achieving that' to make it easy for them. My mother is house wife 881984 I have one brother 881984 one sister.
Contribution to the field
From the beginning I am interested in programming language 881984 trying to find some easy way of solution. At the first stag I got opportunity to work with fastest growing company Mindtree Ltd 881984 joined as a Programmer Analyst.
Advice for upcoming professionals
'Be ready for challenges 881984 don't giveup, try atleast once'.
Work life Management
Think simple 881984 Live simple.
Current Role
My current responsibility is to design web services 881984 provide services to requested clients in different form of communication i.e. XML, JSON etc.
Changes in professional environment
In text books we all read 881984 understand the concepts only. But in professional environment we get chance to implement those concepts 881984 apply new ideas for better work.
Your role model
My role model is Microsoft Corp. co-founder 881984 chairman Bill Gates. Simple mantra 'Live simple 881984 Think high'
The Big Question
I can't say that I am successful as I am at the start of my career. But yes, I want to be successful not for sake of money or to lead a luxurious life, but for knowledge sake. I want to learn new technologies and deliver this to people who are unaware of that.
Starting Differently Again
I am a Java Developer, the things which I know currently are Spring,struts, Hibernate, AWS Cloud Services 881984 web services tools like jersey 881984 Spring web service with SOA model. Learning never ends, so I am ready to start all over again to learn new things which I skipped earlier.
The Most Important Game
I had to design a web service which consists of only two requests, i.e. one is getting records from one end point store it into data base 881984 then I had to fetch the entire data and send it to other end in one shot.
Effective decision
I wanted to be an IT-Professional, but without higher education I could not enter in this IT-world of professional.
My Road map ahead
Successful person with sharing knowledge.
Areas for the Future
Cloud based development, Want to learn more frameworks more services.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
Referred various books, took the help of our best friend 'Google Search Engine', communicated with friends. By this I improved my knowledge and I tried to make something new.
Additional Certifications
There are so many certifications on Java but try to learn Java 881984 apply what you have learnt. Certificate like OSCJP for building basic foundation will add a plus point. I also recommend getting trained in AWS will also help a java developer to become a cloud engineer.
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