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Sankara Narayanan Krishnan

Sankara Narayanan Krishnan

Senior Architect DBA
Firstsource Solutions
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Sankara Narayanan Krishnan's Experience
Firstsource Solutions, Chennai, INDIA
Sematech Inc, Austin, Texas, US
Sankara Narayanan Krishnan's Education
College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
Family Background
I belong to a upper middle class family married with wife Kothai of 17 years, having a son and a daughter. I did my MCA after doing B.Sc degree in Mathematics. I have about 19 years of experience in the IT field and a Oracle DBA for the past 10 years. I have worked in Hongkong, USA and in India.
Current Role
Support a HR Payroll systems running in Peoplesoft. Peoplesoft admin and Oracle database administration. Colloborate with onshore team, Train and monitor the new employees. Peformance consultant. Provide technical support to application development teams. Evaluate Oracle features & related products
Most Important Career Decisions
1) Wanted to become an Oracle DBA after being a developer/analyst for several years 2) Emigrate back to India during the boom time.
Comparison With Other Language
Portable, Object orient, Adaptable
Work Life Balance
1) Spend more time with the family during the leisure time as much as possible. 2) Concentrate on work during work hours and try not to take it back to home!
Current Job Profile
Provide production support for HR Payroll system as a Oracle/Peoplesoft lead Collaborate with onshore team to provide 7 x 24 support. Monitor DB/App issues. Perform Peoplesoft Administrative tasks. Identify performance issues and recommend improvements.
Plans for the Future
Senior Program Manager/Delivery Manager to over see database services deliver across the world.
Most Important Lessons
1) Go with the flow. 2) Define a fine line between professional and personal friendships 3) Proper work/life balance. 4) Network of professionals. Keep in touch. Always help.
Role Model
Raju Venkatraman, MedAll CEO. An Entrepreneur who has vision, trains and inspires the people who work under him.
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