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Santhosh Kumar

Santhosh Kumar

Software Analyst
Bally Technologies
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Company & Job Profile
I'm Working for Bally Technologies. am working as a Product Developer for Casino Gaming Industry. My Designation is Software Analyst
Additional Certifications
No need of any certifications if you are confident in yourself
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
learnt from work and put things learnt into work.
Challenges in the technology
Its an open source. the same thing can be done in many ways. its very vast and every day an open source tool gets released. keeping oneself updated is very difficult
Scope of Java
No question of Scope. its Evergreen
Java Obstacles
Developing from Scratch or at least new specifications are very less in a company environment
My Road map ahead
In another 5 years I see myself as a Java Architect.
The Big Question
yes.very much. am able to achieve integeration between what i think, what i say and what i do. even when things go wrong, i have my own indegenious approach to make things happen
Your role model
So many people at so many times. i take the good and positives from every one in the society
Changes in professional environment
almost the same. only my approach got matured and changed
Starting Differently Again
start out in a high positive note
Advice for upcoming professionals
Confidence and Passion for Technology and work will drive you long way successfully.My advice is wherever you go, dont work without knowing the basics.
Family Background
Am from Tamilnadu.Father is an Agriculturist and Mom is a house wife.Younger brother is a MBA professional
Work life Management
i will do only the things that can be done in the stipulated time. being organised,precise and no overwork.
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