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Saravanakumar Sampath

Saravanakumar Sampath

Vanuston Intelligence
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Saravanakumar Sampath's Experience
Software Developer
Vanuston Intelligence, Chennai, INDIA
Saravanakumar Sampath's Education
Priyadarshini Engineering Collage, Vaniyambadi, Vellore.
PG Diploma
Priyadarshini Polytechnic Collage, Vaniyambadi, Vellore.
Family Background
My father name is Mr. V. Sampath he is working in security services and my mother name is Mrs.Vijaya, she is housewife ans i have two younger sisters, one got married at last month and another one is working in my native.
Most Important Lessons
how to Understanding the problem with colleagues, and good technology
Most Important Career Decisions
my most important career decisions in my life is. I change my career to IT on jan 2010
Technology Trends
Core java, JSP, Servlets and Frameworks like Struts
Comparison With Other Language
Is a Simple, Robust and Easy to learn compare to any other language. Because is based on OOPs concept.
Changes in the industry
Is many changes in Java technology like core java to perform standalone applications and jsp servlets are used to perform the web application and now the technology improved to frameworks like Spring, Struts, Hibernate
Work Life Balance
Hardworking and dedication
Degrees That Matter
I had completed B.E (CSE) and i had self enhanced in java technology
Plans for the Future
I see myself a couple of year a good developer in java technology
Challenges in The Technology
threading concept and RMI concepts are challenges in java
Required Reading
roseindia w3schools
Current Role
Design and Development modules in a java
Current Job Profile
Junior Software Programmer for developing the coding in various modules
Scope Of Java
Framework knowledge
Role Model
My teamleader
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