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Sathish Kumar Mahalingam

Insurance Agent
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My role model
My role model is Rajinikanth as I see him in movies, but I can't perform great stunts like him. I derive the essence of the characters he plays in the movies. Humble at the same time not bowing the head, Strong at the same time not using force on the week.
My family background
My darling wife a school teacher, father is a doctor, mother a home maker, two younger sister's. My grand fathers were into hand loom weaving business. After power loom's coming to our places they lost business and sought other jobs and are quite successful.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education without practical applicability is useless this especially applies to technical education. Project based assessments should be given that are not so complex to students. Soft skills, Language skills should supplement this. Meaning of Mathematics ( Integration, Differentiation, Calculus, Matrix) Should to taught. In health sector more medical colleges should be opened. Doctor to patient ratio should improve.
Important decision
Going to USA Leaving the job as a call center agent Leaving USA Marrying Continuing my married life
Brief description about me
Brought up in a so called good school not afraid of canning but afraid to wait to receive it. At school and home the horror of getting report card signed. Experimentation during starting stages of adult hood and suicide attempt due to guilt. Not so good in college. But went to US and was requested whether I would like to stay there or would like to return to India despite my psychiatric condition. Worked there as a SAP ERP consultant.
My achievements
NCC Going to USA (H1B) Writing a book Authoring audio books
Ensuring success
Keep reading and writing. Working as an insurance agent and at the same time seeking online jobs.
Initiative to develop a country
Share their knowledge and not being afraid of reveling much and being sensitive to competition.
Couple of years from now
A successful self reliant professional. Helping NGO's through my inter-personal or inter-dependence skills for mentally challenged.
More about myself
If there is one thing that can bring shine on the face of an abusive and rash fellow give him or show him the way to self esteem and see how the trick works.
Degree that I recommend
Important lesson learned
Don't believe in suicide as a solution. Have self-esteem. If this is not a good time good time is in the waiting process.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Lead by example. Hard Worker. Smart Worker. Sense of humor
Influenced by
Mahathma Gandhi Ahimhsa Thirst for freedom Sacrifice.
My strongest skill
Excellent creative content writer. Power-point presentation designer( Research and develop ) General Topics Any Perseverance
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