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Saumendra Biswas

Saumendra Biswas

Software engg
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Family Background
my dad was in army before two years back, we r belong in middle family , me my younger brother my dad my mom..
Most Important Career Decisions
To study in NIIT to be a soft engg
Work Life Balance
nothing is special in me in this side, like every one i also work.. to keep life in balance
Current Role
To income.. and make a reputated status in life
Scope Of Java
in very much inp in future , i think without it we unable make , such a fine compablity in any things, like we use in computer
Challenges in The Technology
it starts from top to end to get success in it.. nor we know is it woirk or not before we run 2 check it
Most Important Lessons
do ur work sincerly,, keep it best , present it well.
Technology Trends
slightly it works... specially in hardwares
Role Model
sorry its personal ..
Degrees That Matter
Areas for the Future
font sector
Comparison With Other Language
se by ur own u r the editor.. :)
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