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Saurabh Tripathi

Saurabh Tripathi

Program Analyst in Cognizant
Cognizant Technology Solutions
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Saurabh Tripathi's Experience
Cognizant Technology Solutions, Bangalore, INDIA
Saurabh Tripathi's Education
Anand Engineering College - Agra (U.P)
Degrees That Matter
Yes i do have . I have completed my SCJP1.5 and OCP certification .
Comparison With Other Language
see first of all main advantage of java is an independent plate farm language and even then if you want to merge the native code also depending on requirement you can easily do with the help of such as JNI etc ..
Scope Of Java
I must say that i proud to b a part of java community because if no java no web and no app related thing can b done ,and on that future is really bright in and even lot of scope is there .
Current Role
I work on JSP & servlets pages and as well as back end(sql) and depend on requirement we have to create HTML pages also along with java script ,CSS .I have fair knowledge of EJB3,0 ,Spring,C++ and OOAD
Current Job Profile
I am working as Advance java developer in my current project .
Role Model
Frankly speaking i have learn so many things from my eldest sister for me she is the role model .
Areas for the Future
I think EJB and Web services are being used widely across companies on various platform and requirement .
Required Reading
For UI , W3schools FOr Webservices and related to all AJ topics head first will be the best option as per me .
Plans for the Future
I want to reach on the level so that my suggestion and my decision will matter for others as being a reliable resource of the company .
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