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Sharad Kumar Mishra

Sharad Kumar Mishra

customer care executive
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Sharad Kumar Mishra's Experience
Cust. Service Exec.
Current Job Profile
My current job profile is a customer care executive in exl
Comparison With Other Language
Because java is a platform independent 881984 uses oops concept to enhance security.
Areas for the Future
windows application ,core java,servlet,jsp.yes because of this specialization to provide a better equipment for developing application.its also uses in development of sap component.
Changes in the industry
yes we learned java at the intial time it uses jdbc for connection but at this time it uses struts ,hibernet framework due to this improvement we can say that java industry has been changed.
Most Important Lessons
struts & hibernet.
Technology Trends
in the android application .it is used for mobile application.
Current Role
to develope the application for the software.
Degrees That Matter
i have done MCA.
Required Reading
headfirst ,scjp..........
Scope Of Java
The scope of java is very nice because its totally depend upon security .java is more secure than other oops based language.
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