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Shivananda Mishra

Shivananda Mishra

senior software developer
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Shivananda Mishra's Experience
Professional (e.g. Engg., IT Developer, Marketing Executive etc.
Mphasis, Mumbai, INDIA
Shivananda Mishra's Education
B. E
Seemanta Engineering College
Future prospect
In few years I would like to see me as client relationship manager
Future trend
The market has changed since last couple of years . Some of the applications which has got easy to maintain has raised its stake in recent time. The project cost is also.matters a lot . Now a days I see a large demand for low cost licence or open source products .
Recommended Courses and Certification
I would prefer some one with ITIL certification and knowledge in BPM
What can be achieved
sky is th limit.
Importance of sales
The most vital piller of the corporate system. Every products needs a good marketing statergy. And without marketing , even you would find many examples of good products failing. And second thing is future marketing pla gives good lead to R&D dept.
one is inspring some one to buy your product and second it make it avaialable on their hand.
Positioning the product
I work on as400 and the language I use for my client is cobol. I beileve the kind of architecture I am working does have a bright future . It has got change adaptibility. So easy to manage .
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