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Shrikant H Badal

Shrikant H Badal

Software Engineer
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Family Background
I belong to average middle class family. Dad is an electrical engineer with diploma and a very decent job to support us. I have 1 sibling and he too follows my footsteps in career-wise.
Areas for the Future
I have the knowledge of Java Beans/Applets and I am still refreshing it on daily basis.
Work Life Balance
It all depends how you prioritise your work on daily basis..
Required Reading
Plans for the Future
In couple of years I would like to be a domain expert with industrial skills
Scope Of Java
Java is like a ocean , if you are at the shores you will never know how deep the ocean is.
Degrees That Matter
Interests ranks most apart from having any certifications
Current Job Profile
I have now taken the role of Oracle Database administrator. I handle/monitor 5 databases and keeps the backup data updated
Role Model
Richard Branson- I like his ability and drive to keep business innovative and act on whatever comes to the mind!!
Current Role
I am Oracle DBA
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