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Sohan Veettil

Sohan Veettil

Manager Technology
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Family Background
My wife is a doctor and we were blessed with a baby girl who is now close to an year old.My father is leading a retired life and mother is a housewife.
Contribution to the field
I am currently working for SapientNitro as Manager Technology. The role and responsibilities includes architecting for high volume ecommerce applications that Sapient implements.I work on different areas of building ATG commerce systems focussing on both functional and non-functional requirements
Advice for upcoming professionals
Get deep into technology domain you work. Believe in and build a culture of technology competence in whichever company you work. Be open to make mistakes and learn from them. Take extra effort for Adding innovations to the routine work you do even if you not placed on cutting edge of technology.
Work life Management
I use various methods like taking phone calls from home or travelling,
Current Role
Delivering module like checkout / non functional requirements, retail mobilesite etc. I do handson on coding for 8 hours as per plan apart from doing the managerial activities. I write design documents, give performance feedbacks, do POC for RFPs, write requirement document, lead a team,code review
Changes in professional environment
There is a trend to move from a project manager oriented growth path to technical skills oriented growth path. There are many opensource tools and frameworks available. Oracle is consolidating the products in various industry verticals. There are cloud platforms gathering increasing market share.
Your role model
The role model is some of my directors/VPs who are knowledgeable about the solution while handling big accounts and encourages good solutions.
The Big Question
I had focused on gained deep expertise on different areas of java domain like core java, j2ee, middleware, algorithms, custom frameworks, Flex, ATG Commerce, NFRs ,UML, Requirements gathering, Enterprise architecture etc. over past 12 years. Because of this I could make a mark in the recent big successful ecommerce implementations.
Starting Differently Again
I would also have focused on a product while at IIT and then started a company straight out of college like one my school friend.
The Most Important Game
Implementing the Non-functional requirements for a big e-commerce implementation with an offshore development team of 120. Getting different tracks to implement the NFRs along with their primary responsibilities of functional requirements. It was done in a collaborative fashion by supplying guid
Effective decision
I took a shift from my first job to stay focused on e-commerce domain as I thought that domain would grow and would be very dynamic. That decision took me through various small ecommerce projects. Later I became part of big successful ecommerce implementations.
My Road map ahead
I may be a solution architect for different ecommerce initiatives.
Areas for the Future
Android application development and mobile site development is hot especially in ecommerce domain. This will gather momentum. Cloud platform services will be another hot area in ecommerce. The non-functional requirements will receive increased attention in the IT services projects.
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
Delivered new frameworks as part of work. Gave webinar session on web services. Took a session on high availability and attended other sessions on the company Architect forum. Created a Non-functional requirements group in company vox forum and published many knowledge articles.
Additional Certifications
The open courseware from MIT is very good to refresh some basic topics.
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