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Soumya Vidushi

Soumya Vidushi

Employee(Java Developer)
Mahindra Satyam
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Family Background
My family includes me, my father,my mother,my elder sister and my elder brother. My father is a teacher at Govt. High School and my mother is a House-maker.
Contribution to the field
Module Lead at Mahindra Satyam, SCJP Certified.
Advice for upcoming professionals
Give your best at anything you do.Never give up. That's the secret of success
Work life Management
I just focus on what i am doing. When i work, i show all my dedication to my work. When i am with my family or my friends, i forget about all pressures and enjoy the moment.
Current Role
Analyzing the Requirement, Making Design Documents, Coding, Integration Testing
Changes in professional environment
As i was from Electronics background, i was not aware of Java and even was not much aware of the professional environment. But my Team made me comfortable with everything. Now i am a module lead at Mahindra Satyam
Your role model
My Grandpa. He always inspires me. I want to be like him. He is the perfect man.
The Big Question
Yes. If you are happy with your work, family and all, you are successful. Successful doesn't only mean to achieve something.What it matters is, at the end you are happy or not.
Starting Differently Again
I would like to apply my learnings from professional life and would like to be an independent resource. As what i have learnt from IT industry is being an independent resource in an IT industry is a very big thing.
The Most Important Game
When i joined my team, i found everyone very nice an very co-operative but the only thing missing was we should be as a whole team,not individual. So i started involving everyone in team activities like team outing, team spirit building games...
Effective decision
I will do what i want, no matter who tells what.
My Road map ahead
I see myself as an architect in 5 years
Areas for the Future
Collections, Exception Handling
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
I have learnt Ext JS, Web Services and spring to improve my knowledge
Additional Certifications
SCJP/OCJP is the basic for all
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