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Subhendu Ghosh

Subhendu Ghosh

Principal Consultant -Application Design
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Subhendu Ghosh's Experience
Principal Consultant -Application Design
Company & Job Profile
Currently I am working at IBM. I am working as Architect COE. Providing the Solution to UK customers.
Journey so far
It was great journey for me.I worked in multiple domain in Java /J2ee technology.
Intellectual Recommendations
O'rileys and Wrox Books
Additional Certifications
Yes, Java Certification
Scope of Java
Lots of scope in future.
Challenges in the technology
Need to upgrade yourself everyday with latest version and new software's
Learning’s/ Knowledge gaining
Attained seminars and Training with latest technology in cloud, Bigdata and Hadoop etc.
Areas for the future
How Java Technologies play smart role with any open source , Analytics and cloud computing etc.
Java Obstacles
Now a days Java Programmer are not able to update themselves with the current changes in software's with latest version.
Effective decision
Worked hard, right decision taken in right time and true leadership.
My Road map ahead
I want to Led/ Head the Analytics department which is the future growth of the company.
The Big Question
Partially because I feel there is no end of the journey of successful.
Changes in professional environment
Yes, lots of changes is there around the professional environment.It should be.
Starting Differently Again
I feel, I will handle the situation more smarter than earlier.
Your role model
I got chance to work with multiple Role Model's in multiple countries and I have learnt from them. I can remember as a role model, one of my professor in NIT college, he inspired me lots in my life.
Advice for upcoming professionals
Work hard, upgrade yourself with latest technologies in any platform and domain.
Family Background
My father was retired from Tata Groups. Parents are staying in my native place. I am staying with my family (spouse and two kids)in Bangalore.
Work life Management
I am always try to manage work life balance following my previous experience.
Published Articles/Books
White paper written in CSC internal and got awarded for that from Company.
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