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Suresh Ravindran G

Suresh Ravindran G

Bharti Airtel ltd
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Suresh Ravindran G's Experience
Regional Mgr
Bharti Airtel ltd, Chennai, INDIA
Sales Promotion Mgr
Adecco India, Chennai, INDIA
Sales Exec./ Officer
Tele Trendz, Chennai, INDIA
Suresh Ravindran G's Education
ctm college of arts and science
C T M college of arts & Science
Family Background
Dad retired in 97 professional from TVs. mom home maker . Younger sister got married and blessed with one niece . And finally am tied up with my princess Sridevi a year before .
Plans for the Future
In couple of years I should be in a position to own a business else To make the business or product whichever I've been in as the most used and no 1 across the globe .
Work Life Balance
Yes its pretty difficult one . I do manage these things with some stress busters like fb,twitter,and also I used to walk with my loved one .
Role Model
Mr.Ganesh . Uncle of mine inspires me a lot . To put in simple points . He manages things easily watever the issues may be . Multi tasking , manages stress well , I ve been with him in critical situations, he accepts and invites more and more pain . The more he accepts and invites the more he wins .
Most Important Lessons
Administrational behaviours ,essential skills of a leader ,the monk who sold his old Ferrari.etc
Current Job Profile
Managing a group of network for revenue and sales growth . Handling key accounts , retail sales thru proper distribution, channel management ,all the above mentioned describes about my current profile of DTH -Manager .
Scope Of Java
Scope of java to put simple and easy is . Wat telecom is in 90's
Current Role
Acheiveing quarter on quarter targets on both revenue and net adds streams . Innovative ways to develop products usage . Multi tasking , increasing the high value customer base .
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