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Family Background
yes... my family is a small and cute.. my father is a former and i have one older brother he is doing in rockwell company.... my mother is expired in 2 years back. that is one of my bad incident in my family. but we are all ways trust in my mother is all ways with me and she does not go any ware.
Plans for the Future
yes..My ambition is I want to innovate different markets in I.T industry,need i want to become a grate innovator in after 5 years like Sun Microsystems' chief Scott dream and my goal is so big but am sure defiantly i will be reach that position. that time i am the boss in my organizatin
A Fine Balance:
yes i am appreciated my self about that q'stn B'cus in my study days i have lot of work in my college and my home & to maintain balanced to do finish that work. in this time also am not wasting my time i am all ways to do work if any one.b'cus time is precious it was not come again i know that value
Role Model
my role model is kalpana chawla.she does not fear in any situation even death stage also i like shes dearness and she's way of education and motivation and she's sportive ness and she's courage.and she is the 1st women to entered in the space.and i am proud of that she is an Indian lady.b'cus am..
Required Reading
iam all ways most prefer d authores books and web sites i am daily prepare in alltop is my sir he is one of the top most inteligent and excellent person he guided me and narayana sir also guided in my instute.Testing Extreme Programming,Software Testing and Continuous Quality
Parting thoughts
yes.. i want to interduce my self and my strengths, my native is prakasam (DT) and my bag round is middle class,but my education is high class am all ways 1st in my schooling and college days.i am a quick learner and understandable mentality and time maintainability and having leadership qwality.
Most Important Lessons
yes after my graduation i learn whats the real life how to move in society and how to mingle and how to go to reach my ambition.. in this my job trails period i learn so many things i am not forget each and every movement that's what to learn more morals in every critical and happy st movements
Points of inflection
most touch and in my hart in two things to develop my career.1st one my father says proudly to his friends my daughter is become a good engineer.S i prove that my das's dream,nxt in my college my prince pall was seriously tolled in my class ur so weak in c pgramg,after 1mnth he appreciated my talnt.
Degrees that Matter
yes i have certified in nits from C,C++,JAVA,ORACLE these are used to me
The Journey So Far
my schooling is in my native place and also my +2,need my graduation in sol long to my native place in Hyderabad. in my college i got a free seet member. it was un forgettable.iam the 1st in my graduation in my college my prince and chairmen appreciated me i.e also unforgettable.
Changes in the industry
it was not changed it is ever green if u asked whats in this situation but i dn't mind i want to see only end of the rates
Currently working at
present am a job searching for job in It industry
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